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Aino Koskela is the first female conductor in the Finnish Military Forces. Koskela’s passion for (orchestral) conducting is shown in her ability to create music across different genres. In 2012 Koskela graduated with a master’s degree in music from the Sibelius Academy from Leif Segerstam’s conducting class. At her diploma concert she conducted the Oulu Symphony Orchestra with excellent grades. At the moment Captain (mus) Koskela is the conductor of the Representative Orchestra of the President of the Republic of Finland, the Guards Band in Helsinki.

Koskela’s conducting is unique with clear and bright vision. Her creative and humoristic persona comes alive in her way to create a strong connection with musicians and audience. Koskela is famous for her ability to passionately organize and lead major orchestras and productions. This has made her one of the desired conductors in Finland for new music and multi-arts projects.

In addition to orchestral conducting studies, Koskela has a diploma from playing the French horn and extensive studies from wind orchestra and choir conducting. Her pedagogical skills are shown in her ability to instruct and meet people from professional musicians to children. Koskela has bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Aino Koskela has been invited as a guest conducting lecturer to the Sibelius Academy and to the Tampere Music Academy.

Composing and arranging music in her own bold way, is an important self-expression tool for Aino Koskela. She has studied composition and orchestration, for example with Markus Fagerudd and Veli-Matti Puumala. Conductor Aino Koskela’s military rank is Captain (mus).






Katselin taivaan tähtiä

concert band

Luadogan meren randamil

concert band / symphony orchestra and choir

Marssi nro 9 - Kenthorn

concert band

Ratsuväenmarssi 30-vuotisessa sodassa

concert band


Alto sax, baritone sax and wind orchestra


concert band and voice

Vanha sydän

tenor saxophone and concert band


Helsingin joulu

voice and concert band

Immen itku

mezzosoprano and wind ensemble

Kajo, Puolustusvoimat 100v-alkusoitto

concert band


concert band

Vierashuone Ensemble : Aino Koskelan laulusävellyksiä: Tarina, Toisen oma, Huone, Ensilumi, Rouva Strawinsky, Juhannusyön bolero, Tzu-yeh, Nuhtelu, Nainen kuin helteinen Leningrad, kysymys 24, Kehtolaulu, Sininen hämärä, Sulaminen

Vocal ensemble and chamber orchestra


Aino Koskela is the only female conductor in the Defense forces. The dream made her the first in many respects, but also required the ingestion of disappointments.

— Etelä-Suomen sanomat ESS, for the whole review, click here!

A Children culture implemented by professionals is often desired - this wish was perfectly fulfilled by the Dragoon band led by music captain Aino Koskela. Koskela led her orchestra like famous warlords; both by her own example and from the front. -

— Puhallinorkesteri, for the whole review, click here!

The new conductor of Guard's Band has reached her target by working hard

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As the golden touch of it all was the concerts guest conductor, Aino Koskela.

— HBL,29/03/2017, for the whole review, click here!

Aino Koskela is a soulful conductor.


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